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Managing water demand

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Monitoring and reducing water consumption

Uponor is innovative in the field of product development, but also as regards the topic of the „Internet of Things“. Our American partner Belkin International is one of the leading providers in the fields of consumer electronics, network technology and smart house technology. The joint venture „Phyn“ combines the competencies of both companies. They develop systems to automatically monitor the drinking water supply in buildings. The aim is to prevent leakages and ultimately reduce water consumption. This creates a unique added value, from which the consumers ultimately benefit as much as the industry.
Uponor is significantly expanding its existing application areas with the joint venture. At the same time, the company is also increasing its competence in drinking water supply and hygiene. For the first time, the Internet of Things is being linked with an intelligent monitoring and control of the drinking water supply. This is an important step in the field of smart house technologies.

Early warning system for leaks

Utilities companies could avoid the waste and loss of water during transport and thus save resources and money. The early warning of leaks or pipe breaks reduces damage and thus reduces insurance premiums, for example. Expert planers would be able to access digital data from systems that have already been installed when planning the dimensions of drinking water systems. HVAC specialist companies could offer their customers additional monitoring services:

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