FELSAN Factory, Albacete

Project Facts:

  • Albacete, Spain
  • Industrial buildings
  • Completion: 2008

Uponor involvement

  • 7615
Felsan, S.A. is a factory that produces injection-moulded pipes for diesel engines, with transformation and bending of pipes of up to 70mm in diameter. Its business areas include the naval, automotive and armaments sectors, with customers such as the Iveco Group, Fiat and Nissan.Because of growth, business expectations and space requirements, they have built a new factory on the Romica industrial estate, in Albacete.  On a total surface area of 17,000m2, the building for workshop, manufacture and warehouse occupies 7,000m2 and the offices area 615m2. One of the priority objectives of Felsan’s owners was to provide air-conditioning for the new factory, to alleviate the low temperatures usually encountered in this type of installations, with maximum energy efficiency; they wanted to achieve larger diaphanous spaces, an even temperature distribution, and improve the employment health conditions of the factory’s workers. Another objective was to control costs, so the air-conditioning of the factory had to have a limit to the investment and operating costs over the next few years.The production-workshop area is formed of three interconnected modules of 2,400m2 with no walls. The factory dimensions are 100x77x10 metres high. After analysing various air-conditioning systems, the company opted for Uponor Invisible Climate solutions, with underfloor heating in the production area and underfloor heating and cooling in the offices.  

Project Information

Polígono Industrial Romica 02080 Albacete




Project Type

Building Type
Industrial buildings


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