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LH Headquarter in Jinju, South Korea, 19 Chungui-ro, Jinju, Gyeongnam 660-031

LH Headquarter in Jinju

Korea Land & Housing Corporation (LH) engages in the construction, renovation, and management of land and housing properties, and cities in South Korea and internationally. LH Headquarter, located near a scenic river walk in Jinju South Korea, integrates public and private facility into a seamless composition that promotes an accessibility.

Project Facts:

  • 19 Chungui-ro, Jinju, Gyeongnam 660-031, South Korea
  • Office building
  • Completion: 2015

Uponor involvement

  • Ca 20,000 sqm

The vision for the project is to create a new sustainable government office space with integrated green architectural design features for a new generation corporate headquarters building. The 65,000 sqm construction consists of administrative offices, public services, welfare and cultural facilities that include sports facilities, exhibition hall, classrooms, broadcasting studios, library, credit union, cafeteria, child care and conference centre. Public sports fields are located south of standing structures to take advantage of sunlight for athletic events and daily use.

The project was under construction for almost three years, from Oct 2012 until May 2015. The building has radiant heating and cooling ceiling system through the 5th ~ 16th floors out of 20 above the ground and an additional 2 basement floors. The ceiling panels in heating and cooling functions to absorb heat, diminish sun radiation, keep the area warm, and to cool and radiate heat.

More than 100 green technologies including solar power, geothermal air-conditioning and radiant heating/cooling ceiling, vacuum outsulation, and ICT (Information Communication Technology) are applied to the building, optimizing energy performance and targeting annual energy consumption 135kWh/m2  a year which is less than a half of the energy saving level compared to that of average buildings in Korea. Furthermore, it is an environment-friendly building, where approximately 40% of the energy required by the building is self-generated utilizing new renewable energy. LH headquarter in Jinju is the latest land mark project for Uponor Korea and the biggest ever ceiling panel project out of the world-wide Uponor references so far.  This will increase the familiarity of radiant heating and cooling in the Korea markets. It will also upgrade our market position towards being an influential supplier as well as providing an opportunity to demonstrate and promote a suitable energy solutions, such as inside-building comfort and ease, in the market.

Project Information

19 Chungui-ro, Jinju Gyeongnam 660-031 Repulic of South Korea

South Korea



Project Type
New Build

Building Type
Office building

Product Lines
Uponor Comfort



Mooyoung Architect


Hyundai Engineering and Construction


Korean Land + Housing Corporation (LH)




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