Business Center of Aloja - Library SALA, Aloja

Alojas uzņēmēju centrs - bibliotēka Sala, Aloja

The building is equipped with Uponor underfloor heating and cooling system. No radiator is installed in the building, and in summer, the floors ensure the cooling. Smatrix is used for automatic system control.

Project Facts:

  • Aloja, Latvia
  • INF_Municipal
  • Completion: 2016

Uponor involvement

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Short description

Aloja municipality is among the first in Latvia to implement low-energy building construction and to use wood as a core construction material in public buildings. Heat consumption during operation time will not exceed 14,6 kWh/m2 per year for heated area. Business support centre – library SALA is designed for several functions. The building consists of three main functional blocks – library, large seminar hall and workrooms with conference rooms. It all has been located on the single storey of the building. Each block has an autonomous access. The technical project of the building was developed in 2015, the construction work was started at the end of February, 2016. The building has a band-shaped foundation with 250mm thick plate on it, above which 300mm thick heat insulation layer is built-in. The curing time of foundation lasted 2 months. During construction of the building there were used various materials – concrete, wood, metal and others.  Wood is very popular material both as a framework and as a finishing material. There are two reasons: first, a great emphasis is put on the usage of natural materials, second, it is possible to achieve a design concept only owing to a special woodworking technique. Mainly, the preference is given to the local materials. One of the characteristics is the high energy efficiency of the building. To ensure it, the architectonic solution of the building complies with passive house energy consumption criteria to the full extent. The calculation is performed using Passive House Planning Package program.  A heating pump with geothermal heat supply from borehole probes is a heating source of the heating system and hot water supply. It is equipped with automatic and control elements. No radiator is installed in the building, as well as no any conditioner. In summer, the building is cooled using the floors.  The object is evaluated as rather sophisticated because the aim was to build a building in line with the passive house standards. During the construction process it was necessary to supervise construction of units, structural density more carefully, ensuring the quality control at each construction stage. Clayey ground has complicated a construction of drainage systems that were planned to be set into the ground within the framework of the project. Object in figures  Number of storeys: one Construction period: February-September 12, 2016  Height of the building: 5,22m Structural density of the building: 1982 m3 Total floor area: 625,1 m2 "

Project Information

Liepu iela 3, Ungurpils, Alojas pagasts, Alojas novads, Latvia, LV-4064




Project Type
New Build

Building Type


Builder: Monum
Designer: Ēku inženiertīklu projektēšanas birojs
Uponor installer: Riko-G
Customer: Alojas novada dome



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