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Seng Choon Office Building, Singapore

First radiant ceiling cooling renovation project in tropical climate – Singapore

Seng Choon Engineering PTE. Ltd., estalished in 1951, a valued Uponor customer since many years with a historic shop house located in Singapore served as office area, has decided in 2015 to renovate their 2 storey office building in order to be more sustainble. The target of the renovation project is to achieve low energy consumption and high level of thermal comfort, as well as promote Uponor's radiant cooling systems in South East Asia. Until today, a radiant cooling concept for an entire office building did not exist in Singapore.

Project Facts:

  • Singapore, Singapore
  • Office building
  • Completion: 2016

Uponor involvement

  • 350 m2

DOAS (dedicated outdoor air system) in parallel with radiant cooling entirely designed by Uponor Asia Engineering & Design, has been introduced to Seng Choon PTE. Ltd. Uponor guided the renovation concept from the initial design stage, procurement, supervision of installation to commissioning. The project was completed in June 2016 and is now in operation.

350 m2 of conditioned office space and a meeting room are installed with Uponor Spectra and invisible supply air box Quello. In addition, the meeting room is equipped with one Uponor Velum canopy. The cooling load of the conditioned space has been split into internal sensible, internal latent and fresh air load respectively. 100% of the internal latent load and 30% of the internal sensible load are covered by the DOAS. The remaining sensible load is covered by the Uponor radiant cooling system and controlled by Uponor Smatrix Wave Plus individual room controller. Uponor Smatrix Wave Plus provides individual thermal comfort in each room and at the same time highest energy savings.

Uponor Velum Canopy is installed in the meeting room, which combines high cooling capacity with draught-free comfort. The extremely flat canopy is mounted at around 300 mm below the Uponor Spectra metal ceiling. Apart from cooling with radiation, warm air is rising from the floor to the canopy naturally and circulates around the cooled canopy surface to provide additional cooling.

To summarize, the complete concept was a success and proves that radiant cooling systems can operate efficiently and effectively in tropical climate. It also shows Singaporeans that occurring condensation does not need to be feared nor perceived capacity issues have to be concerned, even in a building established in 1951 without high-end passive architectural building components.

Measurements of energy consumption will be started in 2017 in order to show customers their return of investment. Until then, Uponor will actively promote the building together with Seng Choon PTE. Ltd. in Singapore.

Project Information

32 Cavan Road, Singapore 209858




Project Type

Building Type
Office building

Product Lines
Uponor Velum
Uponor Spectra


Owner / Developer

Seng Choon Engineering PTE. Ltd.

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