Skylight Business Centre, Moscow

Project Facts:

  • Moscow, Russia
  • Office building
  • Completion: 2011

Uponor involvement

  • 111000
Both  towers  of  the  residential complex are of the same height  (109,2 m) and have the same number  of  floors (27 floors)  while  maintaining  functional independence.  The Towers are designed to have a developed  infrastructure which includes two restaurants,  a  cafeteria  for the tenants,  branch of  a  bank,  and shopping area.  The underground levels contain a large area for parking  lots.          The construction of the Business Centre began in 2003 when Sistema-Hals and Siemens entered the agreement on the project co-investment. When the building was in the process of construction it had been designed in the capacity of the Siemens Headquarters and had an alternative name Siemens Towers. During the economic crisis the construction was suspended. In 2008, as a result of project cost increase Siemens refused its further participation, and in 2009 the agreement between the companies was terminated.                     In 2010 Sistema-Hals renewed construction of the complex and announced its reconception. GK Modul was an on-site assembling contractor, and Hals Development was an ordering party.  The building is planned to be commissioned in the II quarter of 2012. The peculiarity of the project is to release to the market the premium class object located in the area of the Third Ring Road. The favourable location of SkyLight complies with the requirements to withdraw business activities out of the city's historic centre. Favoring Uponor systems In the course of lengthy negotiations and meticulous consideration of the Uponor products' benefits the original decision to use the rival's products was changed in favour of Uponor. As the project implied using the pipes made of polyethylene the decision was taken to use the ones made by Uponor. “The original project implied the usage of polyethylene pipes and it was the customer company's Director General who had taken the decision whether to use one system or another. I was struck favourably having to do with Uponor systems based on cross-linked polyethylene. They are quick and easy to install, feature both a high level of flexibility and functionality and affordable material cost. And I, as the general foreman, and based on my proven experience, will continue to offer Uponor systems to the customers,” says Evgenij Esaulov, the general foreman of the GK Modul's site. The Uponor solutions based on cross-linked polyethylene were chosen for both 27-storey SkyLight buildings: heating system (the cross-linked polyethylene pipes eval PE-Xa with diameters of 16, 20 and 25 mm), plumbing system (the cross-linked polyethylene pipes PE-Xa with diameters of 20, 25 and 32 mm), underfloor heating system (the cross-linked polyethylene pipes PE-Xa with a diameter of 25 mm).                             The installation of Uponor systems began in July 2011 and was completed by November 2011.  

Project Information

Aeroport metro station, Leningradskij prospekt, 39 Moscow


Skylight Business Centre


Project Type
New Build

Building Type
Office building


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