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Helping our employees to gain new insights

Helping our employees to gain new insights

We recognise the impact good leadership has on our business and the job satisfaction of all employees. Thus, developing inspiring leaders is at the core of our People Strategy. Our training portfolio offers four targeted programmes to employees in different stages of their career, from young professionals to senior level managers.

One of these programmes, Navigator, helps our middle management gain new skills and build a stronger network within Uponor. Initially participants will go through leadership competence assessment and self-reflection to set an individual development agenda. They also fill in a learning contract with their line manager to agree together learning objectives for the programme. Two face-to-face modules held at Henley Business School in the UK follow these steps. During the inter-modular period, participants work on business impact projects and support each other’s development through peer coaching.

Through the business impact projects, participants get to apply their learning on real business issues, practice their leadership and teamwork skills, and generate solutions, which are presented to the Executive Committee. In 2019, teams searched for ways to improve our customer feedback incorporation, expand our commercial solution portfolio, and align our values with our new purpose.

“The best things about Navigator were networking and getting to work on a project topic outside of my area of expertise in a multi-functional and multi-cultural team. The programme also made me feel that Uponor wants to invest in its people and develop managers’ leadership skills. For example, I got to practice my coaching, influencing, strategy execution and change leadership skills,” says programme participant Jenni Jääskeläinen, Manager, Group Accounting and Controlling.

“Navigator was an excellent learning and networking opportunity. The lessons and assignments were interactive, varied and helped us get to know each other, cooperate and practice our leadership skills. The skilled facilitators and the engaged participants contributed to the learning experience for their part. I also gained a new perspective on my career and realised how I can practice my leadership skills in my everyday work, even though I do not yet have team members reporting to me,” continues another participant Hanna-Reetta Hallila, Senior Legal Counsel.

As the comments highlight, we invest in our employees’ core competences and support their personal development. In return, our employees put into practice our values by connecting, building and inspiring each other to grow. It does not matter what a person’s job function or background is because we can all learn from others and help create a collaborative and inspiring working environment.