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Embedded in our daily operations


We have a passion for innovation, engineering and technology as well as strive to safeguard water, a scarce resource, for future generations. Our durable products enable a more sustainable lifestyle.

For us sustainability is not a trend. Our sustainability strategy is built on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). We support all the 17 SDGs, but have prioritised four of them: clean water and sanitation, decent work and economic growth, responsible consumption and production as well as climate action. We feel that these four SDGs enable us to truly contribute and make a difference. 

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How we create value

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Taking action to reach our goals

Clean water and sanitation

Providing safe drinking water and technologies to conserve it


More water conserving technologies are needed to ensure water is not wasted. Our innovative solutions help to ensure safe water delivery and to conserve it.

Our actions for clean water and sanitation:

  Improving water efficiency and quality

Mitigating water risk
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Decent work and economic growth

A responsible employer offers equal opportunities


Good working place offers equal opportunities for everyone regardless of their gender, age or nationality. We want to provide a safe workplace and avenues for professional development.

Our actions for decent work and economic growth: 

  Sustainable and transparent value chain

Employee safety and wellbeing 

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Responsible consumption and production

Innovative and durable products enabling a more sustainable lifestyle

SDG 12For us responsible consumption and production means durable and sustainable product and service offering. We use raw materials efficiently and we build ways to enhance the circular economy.

Our actions for responsible consumption and production: 

  Zero uncontrolled waste

Sustainable products and packaging

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Climate action

Reducing GHG emissions to combat climate change

SDG 13

The effects of climate change are felt everywhere, and action needs to be taken. We continuously aim to reduce the overall impact of our business operations and increase energy efficiency.

Our actions for climate:

Carbon neutrality in production

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Operating principles

Being a global company with a presence in 26 countries and products sold in close to 100 countries, we take the utmost care to maintain our corporate ethics and integrity, and fair employment practices across our entire value chain. We provide transparency, fairness and equal opportunities to our employees, our future talent pool, and our customers, partners and investors. We comply with local laws and regulations and our Code of Conduct and other group-wide policies form the foundation for our operating principles.

You can explore our public policies by clicking the links below:

Code of Conduct

Supplier Policy

Quality Environmental Management Policy

In 2018, we introduced an anonymous web-based reporting channel called WhistleB which can be used by employees to report unethical, illegal or otherwise incorrect activity.

Our stakeholders

The starting point of our operations is to provide value for our customers and partners. We focus on long-term cooperation, providing a reliable partnership, and offering solutions that enable customers to thrive in their businesses. The ultimate goal is to partner with other professionals in creating better human environments. Collaboration and forming partnerships is also the basis of our approach to promoting sustainability. 

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