Creating a more sustainable world

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Our commitment for a sustainable future

Uponor’s objective is to enrich people’s way of life by offering high-quality indoor climate, plumbing and infrastructure solutions that elevate living comfort to a new level, help save natural resources, and are energy-efficient and safe to operate.

We are committed to playing a vital role in building a sustainable future for both our business and the world’s people. We are committed to further developing our culture of sustainability, transparently linked to our values and widely demonstrated by actions throughout our organisation.

We are committed to focus our strengths in developing and implementing innovative and responsible solutions that improve human environments whilst reducing environmental impact. We are committed to developing and acting upon the opportunities of working together in close cooperation with other professionals in the construction industry.

We recognise that this is a journey. We have set ourselves challenging targets for driving down our own environmental impact as well as enriching life through our innovative solutions and have embarked on a dedicated program of activity, focused on integrating sustainability into our philosophy, culture and corporate mindset.

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Statement by Jyri Luomakoski, President and CEO of Uponor

Recognised as a leading contributor to the sustainable built environment, we will strive to grow profitably as a sustainable enterprise by developing innovative and responsible solutions that improve human environments whilst reducing environmental impact.

Jyri Luomakoski, Uponor President and CEO

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Reducing the carbon footprint

We are participating in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). Since 2009 we measure group wide our greenhouse gas emissions and climate change impacts.

Year-by-year, we aim to improve the emission rate as well as the data accuracy regarding CO2 emissions.

We set a target to reduce CO2 emissions by 15% by 2015 (basis year 2009) and are on track to achieve this. We are now setting firm targets for the business for 2020.


Sustainability indicators

We are continuously developing the measurement of key environmental indicators in our production and logistics operations, covering all Uponor units worldwide.