Throughout the world our solutions enrich people’s way of life

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Our Vision - where we want to be

Throughout the world our solutions enrich people’s way of life.
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Our Mission- the purpose of our business

Partnering with professionals to create better plumbing, indoor climate and infrastructure solutions.

Our Commitments – how we handle and perform our business


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Cosiness, ease and comfort – words easily said. We deliver proof. With solutions that not only make your work easier, but also bring more quality of life to your customers. Every day. At home or at work. And often, you can’t even see them.
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How does drinking water stay 100 percent clean and fresh? Which heating system cares for people with allergies and avoids draughts and moist walls? Questions like these – and the right answers – are what count for us. Because only the best technology keeps us healthy.
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When everything runs smoothly, fast and reliably for you, we call it efficiency. And that is precisely our aim – from planning and installation to long-term use – to always meet your precise requirements. With time and cost benefits that will delight you!
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For us, sustainability means delivering shared sustained success. While driving down our own environmental impact, we enrich people’s life through our innovative solutions that minimise water and energy consumption and reduce carbon emissions.
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Safety is a basic human need. If nothing happens, everything’s perfect. Thanks to our many years of experience, you can trust in the quality and reliability of the systems we install. So that you can take care of what matters to you – safely.