Uponor Comfort Port: Install 2x times faster and 15% lower costs

Wherever you are using an Uponor underfloor heating system, Uponor high quality manifolds are the ideal solution for any building type. Uponor Comfort Ports are fully preassembled and pre-wired in the Uponor factory and delivered pre-tested and ready-to-install to the building site. You can easily choose from large number of standard configurations or simply create your own individual specification.
Your benefits:  

Save 2.5 hours of installation time per manifold on the construction site  

Delivered fully preassembled and pre-wired  

Direct delivery to the construction site  

Simple configuration with online Uponor Configurator

Comparison of installation methods

  • The preassembled underfloor heating manifolds can be easily configured online with computer, tablet or mobile according to any requirements
  • Each delivery package is marked with exact details of your construction site.
  • The delivery takes place with the appropriate marking directly in protective packaging suitable for the construction site.

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The range of products for prefabricated solutions

Uponor’s Port offering ranges from preassembled plumbing and underfloor heating manifolds to central and decentral heat interface units for domestic hot water generation on demand to complete state-of-the art prefabricated technical walls.