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Students and graduates

We offer students and graduates valuable work experience and the opportunity to develop their leadership skills and collaborate and network globally. Prepare for a great career - take look at the unique opportunities we offer.

Join the Build on Uponor: International Trainee Programme

"You will gain the opportunity to work on your own development, have an impact on the company and also on the whole industry and its future."

Annasofia Grönholm, International Trainee

Our Build on Uponor: International Trainee Programme offers recent graduates international exposure, an unrivalled opportunity to explore themselves and the world a truly unique way. 

  • Enter a two-year paid fixed-term position at one of Uponor's locations, either in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, USA, Poland or Spain
  • Be introduced to Uponor and meet the leaders of the company
  • Benefit from one-on-one mentoring with an experienced Uponorian
  • Go on a six month assignment abroad
  • Have a good opportunity to gain a permanent position after the programme

See the video below and listen to our current Trainees and hear their views on the programme and what makes it so unique:

The recruitment process for the new Build on Uponor: International Trainee Programme starts on 17 October 2017.

Learn more about the Build on Uponor: International Trainee Programme

The fourth Build on Uponor: International Trainee Programme will start mid-January 2018. Uponor has had Trainee programmes since 2011, and they have been very successful and well-liked. Many of the participants are still working for Uponor, now in permanent positions.

Build on Uponor: International Trainee Programme offers the trainees the option of choosing between two different tracks – technical and commercial. In the technical track, you will get a holistic insight into the Supply Chain or Technology Development organisation. In the commercial track you will develop your business understanding by working in different functions such as Sales and Marketing, Offering, Finance or Human Resources.

During the programme, you will work in four different projects, where you will gather the needed information, connect with the key people in the organisation, do the analysis and present your findings. As this is an international programme, one of the four projects will be abroad, and you must therefore be willing to spend 6 months in another country. This will enhance your cross-cultural understanding and give you valuable experience for an international career. You will join the trainee network and a plan will be devised for your personal learning and development.

Programme in a nutshell

Programme in a nutshell

Application process


STEP ONE: Submit your application

The first thing you need to do is to submit your application latest on 15 November 2017. Click the “Apply now” link on the “Trainee programme” page and fill in the application form.

Application tips:

  • When submitting your application for the Build on Uponor: International Trainee Programme, you will be asked a few additional questions, such as which country you are interested in doing your programme in. Please note that you can only apply for one country.
  • Please attach your CV and a cover letter in English.
  • We will start reviewing the applications soon after receiving them, so even though you can modify your application after submitting it, please submit an application as complete as possible first time around.
  • Important: Please apply only once and use the same email address throughout the application process.

STEP TWO: Video interviews and online tests

If you pass step one, you will be asked to answer a few selected questions in a video interview. This will be used to validate your English language skills, presentation skills and your motivation to join the programme.
If you pass the video interview, you will be asked to complete online tests which analyse your abilities and personality traits.

STEP THREE: Assessment Centres

If you make it this far, you will be among the final 24 candidates. Assessment centres include interviews and group exercises, which will take one full day.

Build on Uponor: International Trainee Programme locations

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