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Uponor Q&E Rapid Seal Heads and Q&E expander tool M12 Fuel



We have succeeded in making Q&E (Quick & Easy) installation technique even better. Once again we combined our plumbing knowledge and experience as the world’s largest PEX producer with the expertise of Milwaukee, an industry-recognised manufacturer of portable power tools. Together, we developed a new set of Rapid Seal Heads and a new M12 Fuel expander.

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Uponor PEX pipe – The world’s first, best and most widely used

Entirely designed to make the installation work as easy as possible, the flexible Uponor PEX pipe system is the ideal solution for installation tasks for safe drinking water and heating installation systems.

Uponor PEX pipes are plastic plumbing pipes of high quality and meet all requirements for hygienic installation. They do not give off taste, odour, heavy metals or hazardous substances to the drinking water. The thermal memory of the pipes gives you the opportunity to use the unique coupling technology Uponor Q&E (Quick & Easy). For quick and easy with the world's safest connection technology!

Application areas:

  • Tap water connections
  • Radiator connections
  • Ideal for new builds and renovations


  • Aqua pipe: 15-110 mm
  • Radi pipe: 16-110 mm
  • Combi pipe: 12-63 mm

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PEX plastic plumbing pipes for flexible installations

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Aqua pipe

Uponor Aqua PEX Pipe - ideal for safe and healthy drinking water

  • Dimensions of 15-110 mm
  • For concealed pipelines there are also dimensions 15, 18, 22, 28 mm with protective pipes, pipe-in-pipes
  • Coils and straight bars available
  • Possibility to choose between PN6 and PN10 pressure rating
  • Intended for tap water systems with a continuous operating temperature of maximum 70 ° C (instantaneous maximum 95 °C). Operating pressure maximum 10 bar (1 MPa)
Radiator connection in living room

Uponor Radi Pipe – for heating with radiator or cooling with water based fan-coils

  • Oxygen barrier fulfils the requirements for oxygen diffusion resistance ensuring longevity of your radiators
  • Available in dimensions from 16-110mm
  • Available as coils or straight bar
  • Possibility to choose between PN6 and PN10 pressure rating
Living room with underfloor heating

Uponor Combi Pipe – one pipe for drinking water and heating to optimize time and cost

  • Certified for drinking water applications and the oxygen barrier fulfils the requirements for oxygen diffusion resistance needed for heating and cooling systems
  • Available in coils and straight lengths
  • As naked and insulated versions
  • In a protective tube pipe-in-pipe, to offer the perfect fit to the installations needs
  • Dimensions: 12 - 63 mm

Uponor PEX pipe installation system with unique Quick & Easy jointing technology

Push Q&E fitting onto pex pipe
The Uponor Q&E fitting is a jointing concept that relies on the unique elastic features of Uponor PEX-pipe to create a joint that is stronger than the pipe itself. The unique shape memory of Uponor PEX-piping forms a tight seal around the fitting creating a strong reliable connection within seconds.
  • Available in a range of high performance PPSU and threaded brass fittings for pipe dimensions up to 75 mm
  • Uponor PEX-pipe may also be used with Uponor’s range of compression fittings
  • Low pressure loss and corrosion resistant 

Quick & Easy system

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Connect in three steps - Fast. Simple. Secure.

Cut the pipe - Expand the pipe and Q&E ring - Connect. Done!

  • Quick and innovative jointing with minimal effort even in cramped conditions such as niches or shafts, reducing workmanship fault
  • 100% permanent and leak-proof joint if properly installed
  • Q&E evolution ring with stop edge for accurate positioning on pipe
  • No O-rings or other moveable parts, reducing the risk of leakage
  • No pitting, scaling or corrosion ensuring clear, clean and healthy water
flex fitting q and e

Q&E fittings

  • Q&E rings are available in red, blue and white
  • Available in sizes 12-75 mm
  • Equal tee, elbows and manifolds available for PEX pipe connection
  • Copper adapter also available
Aqua pipe

PEX Pipe

  • Available in 16-110 mm diameter straight length
  • Can also be supplied in coils (12-63mm)
  • Manufactured to EN ISO 15875 for hot and cold water
  • Full WRAS approval

Uponor Q&E Rapid Seal Heads



  • Up to 60 % faster sealing connection
  • Uniform expansion and pipe sealing
  • For pipe dimensions 9.9, 16, 20, 25 and 32 mm

Uponor Q&E expander tool M12 Fuel



  • Up to 20 % faster expansion
  • New lithium-ion batteries for longer endurance, especially in colder temperatures
  • Ergonomic design ensures excellent balance, even with one-hand operation
  • Suitable for expanding Uponor PEX pipes up to a diameter of 32 mm

Quick & Easy system for tap water connection

  • Complete system of fittings in PPSU and brass
  • Minimal loss of pressure
  • Corrosion resistant and thus provides a secure watertight system
  • Unique expansion jointing system- fittings get even tighter over time
  • Wide range of manifolds, fittings and accessories to help you optimise your system design

Quick & Easy system for radiator connection.

  • Guarantee a secure, watertight joint
  • The binding is so secure that it improves over time, as the pipe and the ring are in constant adaptation and tightening to the fitting
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Minimal loss of pressure
  • Wide range of Manifolds, fittings and accessories help optimise system design
Aqua PLUS PPM manifold

Manifold installation

  • Uponor Aqua PLUS PPM manifold system
  • Easy and quick installation – no tools are required
  • Great variety of connections, Q&E or FPL-X couplings with PEX pipes or S-Press PLUS coupling with composite pipes
  • More options for design, construction and installation
  • PPSU high quality material suitable for hygienic tap water installation and all water qualities
  • Special cabinets for waterproof installation
  • Cabinets meet requirements of NT VVS 129 and of safe water regulation

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