Build on S-Press PLUS - new press fittings for composite pipes

Installers around the world build on Uponor. After 25 years of real life experience and more than 500 million fittings installed, Uponor has now reinvented the press fitting system for composite pipes. S-Press PLUS is the perfect solution for ensuring permanently tight pipe connections. It’s 100% backward compatible with current Uponor multilayer pipes and tools. Available in dimensions from 16 to 32 mm in both metal and plastic. S-Press PLUS is the fitting that knows no compromise.

The application areas:

plumbing installation Tap water intallation

heating cooling Radiant heating and cooling

plumbing installation Radiantor connection

Assortment overview:

Availability of diameters: da x s [mm]
  • 16 x 2 - 20 x 2.25 - 25 x 2.5 - 32 x 3

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Features for metal and composite S-Press PLUS fittings

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Withstanding harshest conditions

  • Resistant to mechanical stress - e.g.outperform tensile test
  • Resistant to any kind of drinking water - best Uponor quality for drinking water consumptions
  • Resistant to chemical components in the concrete - all raw materials used are resistant to corrosion that might occur when the fitting is in contact with surrounding building material
  • Uponor S-Press PLUS fittings passed dezincification resistance test with highly aggressive drinking water - tested by independent German test institute

Ensuring perfect pressing results

  • Fast diameter recognition - modern colour coding for better recognition on fitting and jaws
  • Precise jaw fixation - With Uponor “U” profile jaws it is impossible to press in wrong position
  • Unique press indicator - after pressing the foil is removed and connection is safe
  • Accurate test safety function - fitting will leak if it hasn’t been pressed properly
  • Permanently tight and with DVGW certificate, registration number CW-8801CO0389

Simplifying planning and installation

  • Fully compatible - with Uponor Uni Pipe PLUS / Uponor MLC and existing Uponor jaws
  • Best-in-class Zeta value - decreased pressure loss by up to 60%
  • Fast installation: Cut pipe - insert fitting - press fitting, no bevelling
  • 25% less installation time compared to traditional radial press fittings
  • Easy planning and design with Uponor HSE Software 5.0

Answering all questions on-site

  • Innovative QR code on every sleeve
  • Scan with all smartphones
  • 24/7 tutorial and installation support
  • Your individual project database
  • Item list and online ordering

Planning and installation support

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S press plus zeta values

Planning support for specifiers

Decreased pressure loss by up to 60 %.

Tap water:
The permanent operating temperature ranges from 0°C to 70°C at a maximum permanent operating pressure of 10 bar. The short-term malfunction temperature is 95°C for a period of 100 hours in the operating life time.

The permanent operating temperature ranges up to 80°C at a maximum permanent operating pressure of 10 bar. The short-term malfunction temperature is 100°C for a period
of 100 hours in the operating life time.

Easier installation with new fittings

  • Colour code
  • Inspection window
  • No bevelling needed
  • No calibration needed
  • Use existing tools and composite pipes
  • Fully backward compatible to Uponor multilayer composite pipes and tools since 2002

On-site support with the Uponor PRO App

Project services
  • Create and save own projects
  • Create certificate for pressure test
  • Send certificate to building owner
  • Get answers on all questions

Product ordering
  • Select products from catalogue
  • Save pdf file
  • Send to dealer and order online
uponor s-press plus

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