Greater longevity and performance for K-12 schools

Build durability and efficiencies into existing structures and new construction

Uponor products provide safety and longevity

Whether it's making improvements to aging infrastructure or facilitating new construction, Uponor total polymer solutions improve the efficiency and performance of schools' piping systems.

Polymer Piping System | installation

Why Uponor is the best choice for K-12 projects

  • Ease of installation and maintenance
  • Durability and superior service life
  • Highest standards of hygiene, efficiency and performance

Build for the future

  • Domestic water re-piping
  • Hydronic distribution renovations
  • School additions
  • New construction
Complete Polymer Solution

PEX improves hygiene in plumbing systems

Learn how the corrosion-resistance of PEX makes it a healthier, safer choice for plumbing systems


Improve the efficiency and performance of a school's essential systems

Domestic water

Ensure efficient, reliable water delivery with the strongest performance for risers, mains and distribution plumbing piping

Radiant heating and cooling

Supply the most comfortable, energy-efficient method for conditioning a space that also improves indoor environmental quality

Hydronic distribution

Improve heating hot-water and chilled-water distribution piping systems with durable PEX and PP-RCT

Snow and ice melt

Protect students and staff from slips and falls and reduce maintenance labor and costs

Mechanical-room piping

Maximize the corrosion-resistant, long-lasting benefits of PEX and PP-RCT for new and retrofit mechanical-room piping applications

Turf conditioning

Provide durable, reliable underground piping for safer, higher-performing athletic fields all year long

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