HDPE valveless manifolds

Multiple-outlet HDPE valveless manifolds are manufactured with 34" or 1" 303 stainless-steel ProPEX fittings hydraulically pressed onto the outlet nipples. ProPEX connection and manifold are maintenance-free and suitable for direct burial. They are ideal for applications larger than 5,000 square feet or where flow requirements are greater than the capacity of other Uponor manifolds. HDPE valveless manifolds come with standard 12", on-center outlet spacing. The maximum recommended flow rates for these manifolds are: 2", 41 gpm; 3", 116 gpm; 4", 226 gpm. HDPE manifolds and accessories are made for SDR 11 tubing and PE 3408 material and can be used together with Ecoflex® potable HDPE products. Note: ProPEX tool is required. Only use in systems free of corrodible components or when there is corrosion control. The temperature limitation is 140°F (60°C) at 80psi. HDPE manifolds and other non-standard configurations are made-to-order. Allow six to eight weeks lead time. Call Uponor Customer Service at 888.994.7726 for availability and pricing.


This product is made to order, please contact Design Services for lead time.

HDPE valveless manifolds

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