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Live Talk 2 on December 9th at 11:00 CET

2nd Uponor Live Talk: Talking Green for Real

The EU’s recently published environmental initiative, “Fit for 55”, has highlighted the importance of modernising heating and cooling solutions as an integral part of reaching emission reduction targets.

On December 9th, 2021, at 11:00h, the second Uponor Live Talk will “talk green for real” and address what the construction industry can do to minimise the carbon footprint related to heating and cooling.
International HVAC professionals will explore the topic from different angles based on their experience in various disciplines:
  • Beat Stettler, Quality Director at Uponor Germany will moderate the talk with Ilari Aho, Vice President Sustainability and Regulatory Affairs at Uponor Finland
  • Paolo Basso, Policy Director at the EHI - Association of the European Heating Industry
  • Nikolaj Haaning, Head of Department for Sustainability, Indoor Climate and Commissioning at Rambøll
The panel will discuss the importance of a clean energy supply, energy-efficient as well as low-temperature heating and cooling solutions, renovation and new builds and their benefits, limitations, and targets, as well as alternative measures.

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Live Talk #1: Busting common Myths about Heat Interface Units

The first Live Talk has addressed common myths and misconceptions about heat interface units (HIU). International HVAC professionals have explored the topic from different angles based on their experience in various disciplines:
  • Concerns about higher costs
  • Maintenance requirements
  • Energy efficiency and drinking water hygiene and many more
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New platform Uponor Campus to go live in early 2022

The Uponor Live Talks are a free series of digital events and consist of 60-minute sessions held in English. Uponor and industry experts working in sectors like planning, architecture, or installation discuss relevant industry topics and share insights on current trends. The discussion is opened up to the audience through a live chat feature and Q&A sessions. The Live Talks are specifically tailored to Uponor’s commercial customers. Viewers will have the opportunity to ask questions, and schedule follow-up meetings with Uponor sales representatives for more in-depth questions directly on the platform. The third Live Talk will air in January 2022.
The Live Talks pre-empt the launch of a new digital platform: The Uponor Campus will go live in early 2022 and open a new chapter in the digital exchange between the company and its customers. The new digital all-in-one communication channel will bundle online events, a variety of free e-learning courses as well as product trainings, and give customers easy and direct access to the company’s experts for professional advice.