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Listen our most popular podcast episode: How to go from gray to green infrastructure? 

In this episode, we discussed the main challenges of transition from gray to green infrastructure, new carbon neutrality requirements and regulations with Tallulah Lutkin, Utility Performance Editor from Global Water Intelligence.


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Potable water episodes

Are we paying too little for water?

Ilari Aho, the Vice President of Sustainability and Regulatory Affairs at Uponor, was caught up by Delfin Vassallo to discuss about the most important topics from the IWA High-Level Summit, whose theme this year was "Partnerships for Smart Liveable Cities – water as a key to Action on Climate and SDGs.”

Efficient water networks

With Klara Ramn – Executive Committee member of EurEau, the European Federation of National Associations of Water Services we talked about water regulation, water loss, the cost of running and renovating water networks and how money is generated from tariffs, taxes and transfers. 

Is technology improving water monitoring?

An interview with Patryk Wójtowicz, Research Manager at Savonia University of Applied Sciences, and Water Network Modelling Expert in the field of environmental engineering, about technological innovations that could help with measuring and modelling.

Why do we need to invest more in drinking water?

In this episode, we talk with Magnus Lundin - Business Director, Potable Water Solutions at Uponor.  We discussed the main challenges that we have right now in cities with drinking water and why we should invest more in the water industry. 

Stormwater management episodes

Reduce flooding risk in cities in a sustainable way

This episode we focus on stormwater management with Rickard Granath and Jean Saarinen, the experts of Stormwater management at Uponor Infra. How do we properly treat, filter, and reuse rainfall water?

How to treat polluted stormwater?

How can we treat stormwater correctly? Why it is important to separate stormwater from oil, heavy metals and other suspended solids before it reaches a water body? Here are the best approaches of treating the polluted stormwater

Why do we need to separate oil from the stormwater?

Rickard Granath, Solution Manager, Stormwater, at Uponor Infra elaborates why it is important to separate oil from the stormwater.

Urban development episodes

How can children teach us to solve climate change?

Lars Nørgård Holmegaard – CEO of the water utility of Lemvig, Denmark shared with us the challenges they are facing in north Denmark with rising sea levels. What sustainable solutions they are considering and how he sees the future of water management in cities. 

Data-driven urban design. How to collect data for city planning?

Natalia Rincón – Co-Founder and CEO at CHAOS, an AI startup focused on location intelligence forecasts to improve the liveability of cities, explained us what is sustainable urban development and data-driven urban planning. 

What role water plays in urban design?

In this episode we talk with Päivi Raivio, Helsinki-based designer who has dedicated her career to creating better public spaces through urban interventions and placemaking. 

Sustainability episodes

Collaborative approach to Life Cycle Assesment

During this conversation with Gregory Norris from MIT and Harvard University, we discussed the collaborative Life Cycle Assessment concept and several approaches of measuring the environmental impact of products and services. 

Carbon footprint offsetting

A conversation with Nicklas Kaskeala, Co-Founder & Chief Impact Officer at Compensate about carbon offsetting, how it works and how it is regulated.

Recycled materials - second class quality?

During this conversation with Franz Cuculiza, Business Director of Denmark’s first plastic recycling company we discussed recycling plastic materials and the circular economy. 

How the city of Lahti became a European Green Capital?

How Lahti became Environmental Green Capital of Europe? An insightful discussion with Jenni Rahkonen, Environmental Coordinator at The city of Lahti, shared us the formula of Lahti's success.

How to go from gray to green infrastructure?

Tallulah Lutkin from the Utility Performance Editor at Global Water Intelligence discussed with us about the main challenges of transition from gray to green infrastructure, new carbon neutrality requirements and regulations. 

Why do we all need to have EPDs for products?

We reached out to Judith Masip Calle, Technical Support Specialist & Sustainability Responsible at Uponor for some answers and more on the subject of EPDs. What exactly are EPDs, and what do their use mean?

9 criteria for sustainable infrastructure

Riina Känkänen, Head of Sustainability at Ramboll Finland shared with us the 9 criteria for sustainable infrastructure covering the ecological, social and economic sustainability of infrastructure. 
What happened in Season 1?

Listen the summary episode from Season 1 to get the overall view of what we talk about in Urbanista podcast. The main topics for discussion were city water management, water prices (Is the water too cheap in the Nordics?), how to prevent urban flooding, stormwater management, sustainability, data-driven urban design, and numerous others. If you missed Season 1, this is a perfect opportunity to briefly catch up on all the topics!