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New Digital Platform Uponor Campus

The Uponor Campus, our new digital communication platform, bundles online events, a variety of free e-learning courses as well as product trainings, and gives our customers direct access to the Uponor experts.

We are launching a new digital channel designed to facilitate the ongoing exchange with our customers. The Uponor Campus will serve as an all-in-one communication platform for news, product information, dialogue, and training opportunities. You can expect the new digital channel to keep you informed about new products, services, and building solutions as well as industry core topics. In addition, the Uponor Campus will give you easy and direct access to our experts for professional advice and offer e-learning webinars and courses on industry-relevant topics. The Uponor Campus is set to go live in early 2022 and will be free of charge for all our customers.

“Live Talk” online series to kick off in autumn
Pre-empting the full launch of the Uponor Campus, we are kicking off the new digital channel with a series of online “Live Talks” on industry topics. The 60-minute sessions feature industry experts from Uponor and partner companies across Europe and will be held in English and shared via livestream. Viewers will have the opportunity to ask questions in a live chat, and schedule follow-up meetings with our sales representatives for more in-depth questions directly on the platform.

Uponor “Live Talks”: Dates & Topics

Live Talk 1
Decentralised Hot Water Generation: Busting common Myths about Heat Interface Units
October 28th, 2021, Time: 10a.m. CET

Live Talk 2
Sustainability: Talking Green for Real.
December 9th, 2021 at 11:00h

Live Talk 3
The Future of Digital Planning: AI, VR … what’s next? From Futuristic Ideas to Real Designs”
January 28th, 2022

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