The benefits of radiant heating and cooling

Pleasant temperatures all year round

Nowadays, sustainability and comfort are top priorities in any new build or renovation project. Green construction means taking measures to reduce emissions and achieve a high degree of energy efficiency, both during construction and in terms of subsequent building use. And well-being is a key factor in any type of building, whether a home, a hotel or an office complex; after all, the right conditions have a beneficial effect on people’s health and productivity. Ambient temperature has a significant impact on well-being, which is why radiant heating and cooling systems are increasingly being installed in new and existing properties. They are exceptionally energy-efficient and ensure pleasantly comfortable temperatures all year round. 

The energy-efficient and sustainable option 

Whether heating or cooling, radiant systems spread the heat or cold evenly, thus ensuring a pleasant temperature at all times. They heat or cool the surfaces in the room, which then emit this warm/cool temperature to the room itself. This is perceived as particularly pleasant. And because – unlike convection heating or fan-based cooling systems – there are no draughts, there are also no swirls of dust. Another benefit is that they enable maximum creative freedom in terms of interior design thanks to their installation in flooring, walls or ceilings. Radiant temperature control systems also score highly when it comes to sustainability. They are exceptionally energy-efficient on account of even temperature distribution and low flow temperatures. At the same time, they can be easily combined with renewable energies, e.g. in the form of heat pumps.

A wide range of heating and cooling systems: the right solution for any type of building 

There are all kinds of possibilities when it comes to radiant temperature control; whether an underfloor system or wall/ceiling installation, different systems are suitable for different projects. The Uponor product portfolio encompasses systems to meet any requirements. As such, we ensure pleasant temperatures all year round in office complexes, hotels and residential properties. For more information about our solutions for different building types, please visit 

Successfully implemented cooling systems: a selection of projects 
Greenspace Asturias, Spain
Grand Tower, Germany
Holzwohnen, Austria
TABS in Brainbox, Germany
Zugspitz Resort, Austria
The new Deichman main library, Oslo, Norway
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