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Uponor International Sales
Industriestrasse 56, 97437 Hassfurt, Germany

Uponor Smatrix Wave Thermostat Prog.+RH T-168

- measures and displays the perceived room temperature and relative humidity
- color: white glossy

- heating or cooling demand indication
- RH limit indication
- individual night setback
- set time start up wizard
- 6 pre-programmed schedules
- 1 freely programmable schedule
- manual H/C changeover function (available with Uponor Smatrix Move only)
- cooling allowed function (room by room)
- displays celsius or fahrenheit
- operating modes: room temperature (RT), internal with floor max/min (RFT), remote sensor (RS), remote outdoor (RO)
- backlight (dims 10 seconds after last button event)
- displays software version (on power-up)
- low battery indication
- compatibility with Smatrix Move Controller H/C Radio C-157
- optional: floor or outdoor sensor can be connected

Consisting of:
- Uponor Smatrix Wave thermostat prog.+RH T-168
- 2x AAA batteries
- mounting material

Uponor Smatrix Wave Thermostat Prog.+RH T-168

Uponor Smatrix Wave Thermostat Prog.+RH T-168 RAL9016