Uponor International Sales
Industriestrasse 56, 97437 Hassfurt, Germany

Public Recall: Uponor recalls product Fluvia T Pump Group Push-23-B-W Item No. 1078304 due to faulty wiring

The UPONOR FLUVIA T PUMPGROUP PUSH-23-B-W Item No. 1078304 products, used in radiant heating application, generally installed inside the manifold distribution cabinet, supplied between 1 October 2022 and 22 February 2023 (affected amount: In whole of Europe a total of 2500 pump groups) may have faulty wiring that can – in exceptional cases - cause a dangerous electric shock that could result in serious bodily harm.

Customers must not connect the product to electric power. The product has been produced by Uponor’s supplier Afriso-Euro-Index GmbH (“Afriso”). All customers are asked to send the product back to [add local information of where to return product].

As the defect is due to a potential faulty electrical wiring, if the Uponor Fluvia T Pump Group Push-23-B-W Item No. 1078304 product is already installed, connected to electric power and is operating without any abnormalities, it means that the product is problem-free and can be excluded from this recall.

More information: [add local service number or online service/ webpage, in which end users can find more information in local language].