Radiant Cooling in Offices

A drop in productivity due to heat? No, thanks!

Whether too hot or too cold, temperatures perceived as unpleasant have a negative effect on productivity. There are various ways to achieve the sought after cooling, with radiant cooling representing an exceptionally convenient and energy efficient solution.

Relative human performance as a function of temperature source with ideal temperature being between 20-25°C.

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Get information how to carry out sustainable cooling of offices.

Choosing the right system for sustainable cooling of your office building

Harnessing the building mass: Thermally active building systems

  • Inserted pipes into the concrete ceiling through which water flows, either as middle layer of concrete or near surface
  • Use the concrete mass to thermally activate the ceiling and exchange thermal energy
  • Low investment costs
  • Ideal for office and commercial buildings

Fast, simple, flexible: the Thermatop M cooling ceiling system

  • Water based heating and cooling ceiling system that operates primarily according to the radiation principle
  • Wide variety of application and design options
  • Quick and tool free installation of the standardized registers by clicking the fixing rails into the CD profiles of the ceiling substructure

Expert article Radiant cooling in Offices

  • What cooling output is required?
  • Which combination of systems is advisable?
  • What special factors need to be considered in terms of interior design and use?
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