Radiant Cooling in Residential Buildings

Cooling systems for increased comfort

Ensuring pleasant indoor temperatures in summer is becoming ever more important in residential buildings: due to climate change, the number of hot days per year is rising and comfort in the home through good cooling system becomes a key argument when selling or letting a property.

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Luca Schiavio

The industry expert has decades of experience if it comes to indoor climate as well as heating and cooling of residential buildings 

Get information how to carry out sustainable cooling of single family and multi family  homes.

Sustainable cooling system to ensure summer comfort at your home

Optimum use of space

  • Radiant cooling system can be installed under the floor, behind wall or ceiling
  • Use planned underfloor heating also for cooling too 
  • New buildings with ceiling systems with high cooling output

Ready for cooling

  • All starts with proper planning phase
  • If the underfloor heating system is also being used for cooling, the installation clearance should be reduced to 10 cm
  • Insulate the manifold’s inlet pipes so that they are vapour tight

Room temperature control technology factor

  • Control system needs to be able to handle heating and cooling 
  • Select control s ystem to be “cooling ready” such as Uponor Smatrix Pulse 
  • Advanced control systems have many benefits to ensure proper cooling

Expert article Radiant cooling in residential buildings

What cooling system is recommended for which purpose? 
Which combination of systems is advisable?
What special factors need to be considered in terms of interior design and use? 

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