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Multi-layer composite pipe from Uponor

Reliable and safe for more than 30 years!

Revolution around the pipe


It was nothing less than a revolution in installation technology: In 1990 Uponor introduced its first overlapped welded multi-layer composite pipes (MLCP) to the market. They were suitable for a wide range of applications in drinking water and heating installations, they offered an enhanced stability, low weight and were also easy and time-saving to work with. Installers therefore killed several birds with one stone with these multi-layer composite pipes from Uponor.

However, this was no reason for the developers at Uponor to rest on their laurels in the form of many positive customer feedbacks: the first press fitting for Uponor MLC pipes followed as early as 1993, and in 2001, the first press fitting with integrated test safety was brought to the market. When it comes to safety, the Uponor engineers proved that even visually small adjustments can have a big impact: Thus the colour coding with press fitting identification, introduced in 2007, once again brought a clear plus for the reliable, safe processing of the pipes. Finally, in 2013 the first seamless multi-layer composite pipe Uni Pipe PLUS was produced at the plant in Zella-Mehlis, Germany, the Uponor competence centre for multi-layer composite pipes. With a bending radius up to 40 percent tighter, Uponor once again wrote composite pipe history. Many more million metres of multi-layer pipes have been manufactured and successfully installed to date – often in combination with the innovative fitting generation S-Press PLUS. Uponor presented at the ISH 2019.

Over the past three decades, Uponor has repeatedly succeeded in bringing about lasting changes in the market for installation technology. What began with the Uponor multi-layer composite pipe in 1990 has now become an entire product world of innovative system solutions – a success story that is second to none.

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