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Single family home

Underfloor heating for single family home with Comfort E

Uponor’s electric underfloor heating system, Comfort E, was installed to a single family house, built in 1984, during the renovation project. Electric underfloor heating was carried out throughout the house, except for the sauna and shower rooms, which are still under planning.

Single family home

The plumbing in order in one go

Tage and Marjo Mattson decided to renovate their water and radiator plumbing in the fall of 2014. The house was 38 years old then, as were the pipes. In total, the renovation only took a couple of weeks.

Single family home

The plumbing in order in a single day

The 30 years old copper plumbing of the house were replaced with a Uponor composite system. The renovation was over in one day. The contractor for the job was LVI-Dalton Ltd from Klaukkala, Finland.

Single family home

Getting rid of indoor radon

Uponor's radon system was installed in a detached house in Ilomantsi, completed in 1987. Previously, the radon values in the house were 1,188 becquerels. After installing the system, the radon values dropped to 83.

Single family home

The biological treatment plant is worth its price

The Murto family, from Savonlinna, Finland, live in a sturdy log cabin built in 1845. The waste water system of the house had last been overhauled in the 1970s and the old concrete wells and absorption field had reached the end of their lifecycle. The choice was between renovating the old wells and getting an Uponor biological treatment plant, and the decision was not difficult to make.

Single family home

Flagship Homes project

Uponor products help ensure landmark district heating scheme cuts carbon emissions and reduces energy bills for residents.

Single family home

West Bay

West Bay in Bridport is a primary example of modern living. It utilises the sustainable technology of underfloor heating and flexible installation plastic pipework.

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Uponor Reference magazine

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