Top 6 reasons to choose Uponor Minitec Underfloor Heating

Find out more about why you should consider Minitec for your next underfloor heating project

So many underfloor heating options, where do i start!?

With a range of different underfloor heating options available on the market, it can often be confusing to decide which system to choose. Selecting the right underfloor heating solution will of course be dependent on project needs i.e is it a new build or is a renovation required, however there are still a plethora of options.

Uponor UK have attempted to make this decision a little easier by highlighting the top 6 reasons to choose Minitec for your next underfloor heating project regardless of whether it is a new build or renovation.
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Installation time

Once an Uponor Minitec panel has been installed, there is no need to insert any form of "overboarding" . This consequently means that the installer can simply lay the desired floor finish i.e. carpet, vinyl or laminate etc on top to complete the installation- easy! The reduction in installation time will inevitably lead to a cost saving.
Unlike other solutions on the market, any floor finish can be installed on top of Minitec which gives you a wide range of options
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Difficult rooms

As with all renovation properties, obstacles in the floor are often an issue for underfloor heating. This however can be overcome with the innovative Minitec panel design, which allows the installer to vary the centres on the underfloor heating pipe to avoid obstacles. Currently, there are a wide range of centre options on offer (50,100 and 150mm) to accommodate even the most trickiest project!

A true retrofit system, which offers an ultra low floor height

With the lowest total build height (under 15mm) of any wet underfloor heating system on the market, Uponor Minitec is the ideal retrofit solution. Overall, the total build height is up to 50% lower than any other low profile screed system. With a minimal impact, isn't it time to consider removing those cumbersome radiators?!

Please note that we recommend using electric underfloor heating in areas less than 22m. Wet underfloor heating systems like Minitec are far more cost effective in larger spaces.
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High efficiency with optimal thermal comfort

As the profile of this system is small and the pipe typically sits closer to the surface, improved efficiency can be delivered. What's more the water temperature can normally be dropped by a minimum of 50C to produce the same output!

Overall, this means that you will benefit from reduced heating bills. 

Why not read more about the cost savings that can be achieved via an underfloor heating system in comparison to radiators.
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Quick to react

As the heat envelope on the Minitec system is small, the overall reaction time is faster and in some cases the heating can even be up 50-60% quicker than standard systems. Within minutes the floor surface will start to feel warm. In comparison to a radiator system, this is a much more efficient way of heating a space.

Installation plan

Quick to commission

Once one of the approved levelling compounds has been applied, you only have to wait 3 hours before you are able to walk on the floor again. After just 3 days the floor heating can be brought up to temperature. This gives a massive advantage over other traditional screed underfloor heating systems.

Why not download a brochure below to see which screed companies we work with. Uponor prides itself on working with multiple screed companies, which means that you can shop around for the best price.
We hope you have found this article informative and it assists you with making the right decision. Don't forget we are on hand to answer your project related queries on projects.uk@uponor.com. Alternatively, you can place an order via customerservices.uk@uponor.com