Uponor UK launch Comfort E microsite

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Uponor UK launch Comfort E electrical underfloor heating microsite
Uponor UK have been busy over the last few months creating a new microsite around the Comfort E electrical underfloor heating solution.

The new website is now live and can be accessed via www.comfort-e.co.uk.

Designed to be an information portal for installers and homeowners, the site incorporates all of the resources required to install Comfort E. What’s more, there is also a section on which Uponor product is suitable for different floor types and a full explanation of the cable and aluminium mat solution is provided.
Why choose Uponor Comfort E
Going forward, a simple online product form will be added to site to assist the end user in making the right decision on which goods to purchase. And once a decision has been made, there is a link on the website which shows how they can be obtained via approved merchants.
Overall, the website has simple navigation and a clear design to enhance the user experience.

Don’t forget to join the conversation and voice your opinion on the new website #ComfortE
Comfort E T86

What is Comfort E

Comfort E is Uponor UK''s new electrical underfloor heating solution, which is designed for all floor types. With a low installation height (under 3mm), Comfort E can be installed in new and renovated homes.

As part of the range, customers can choose a digital thermostat to schedule heating in advance