Special applications for stadiums

Neva lawn cooling

Radically extend the season for all arenas

Use of the Uponor Neva lawn cooling system can radically extend the season for using football pitches and other sports arenas in unpredictable climate. Keep your artificial turf green all year round. Uponor Neva systems are suitable as cooling systems.
Uponors Neva system can be dimensioned for cooling outputs from a few watts up to 500 watts per square metre. The output requirement depends on the location and the purpose of the system. Indoor systems can also have different requirements. The system is normally dimensioned according to the so-called Tichelmann principle, so that an equal pressure drop is maintained in the system loops.

The burial depth and the centre distance between the loop piping are selected in accordance with the output requirements of the system. After determining the requirements, distribution pipes of a suitable size and cc-distance for branches should be selected. The pipe length on the roll is chosen so that cutting to site-specific lengths can take place with minimum waste.
uponor neva lawn heating

Neva line in a nutshell

  • Extends seasons
  • Environmentally friendly alternative
  • Can be used for cooling

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