Al-Kalaa Hotel,
Saudi Arabia

Al-Kalaa Hotel

Uponor provides the world's largest hotel and shopping mall complex in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, with Uponor mulit layer composite pipe systems for the bathrooms.

Mecca, Saudi Arabia
Project Type
New building

Al Kalaa is being built in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, the holy centre for the Islamic World. Competitors from all over the world tried to get this royal contract, which is the most well-known project in the Middle East for the time being. But after one and a half year of efforts the consultant and contractor were so convinced of the Uponor MLC pipe system, its high quality and service life, that in the end the risers were ordered from Uponor as well.

In 2004 deliveries for 5,000 bathrooms were made. The overall project covers a total of 9,500 bathrooms, which will provide exquisite accomodation to the pilgrims. Uponor MLC pipe systems includes sanitary manifolds, pipes in dimensions from 16 mm up to 25 mm and the new press fittings with reliable test safety for easier installation for the plumbers. The bathrooms are pre-fabricated and transported to the construction site by truck.The current project consists of five towers, but plans to double its size are on their way.

Uponor multilayer composite pipe system has been selected due to its long lifetime according to DVGW (German association on gas and water) of 50 years. The operating company for the hotel complex has to give it back to the government after 15 years.

Therefore they invested once a higher quality but later on they do not need any maintenance or repair costs. So on the long run the operating costs are minimized. In the end everybody benefits. Especially the guests of the hotel can rely on permanent flow of hot and cold water. This is important as the pilgrims will pray 5 times a day according to the Islamic rules and thus need to wash their hands and feed before.


Al-Kalaa Hotel