Uponor INOX stainless steel system for drinking water delivery

The new INOX stainless steel system from Uponor - comprising stainless steel pipes and fittings - meets the highest requirements. The material guarantees maximum safety and hygiene during operation, while the design allows minimum installation effort. In addition, Uponor INOX pipes can be easily combined with other products from our portfolio to create a smart all-round solution.

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tap water iconDrinking water installations in large construction projects

plumbing installationUp to 16 bar operating pressure

StandardsCertified in accordance with DVGW W 543, DVGW W 541 and DVGW W 270

Product range

  • Range for nominal diameter DN12 to DN 50
  • Stainless steel pipes
  • Press fittings with M-Profile
  • 90° and 45° bends
  • T-pieces
  • Transitions
  • Flanges

Features of Uponor INOX stainless steel system

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Inox stainless steel tees

Easy installation with minimum effort

  • Press fittings for fast installation
  • Blue indicator foil ensures quick detection of unpressed connections
  • Polygonal shaped O-ring for additional safety against leakage
uponor inox stainless steel system

Maximum safety

  • 16 bar operating pressure
  • Maximum safety and hygiene
  • Can be easily combined with other products from Uponor portfolio

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Product range of Uponor INOX stainless steel system

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