Stainless-steel Manifold Assembly, 1 1/4" with flow meter, B&I, ball valve, 10 loops

Part no.A2721002

Part information and details


A [frac]27 19/64 inch
A [inch]27.291 inch
B [frac]3 1/2 inch
B [inch]3.5 inch
C [frac]8 27/32 inch
C [inch]8.85 inch
D [frac]1 31/32 inch
D [inch]1.969 inch
E [frac]3 29/64 inch
E [inch]3.45 inch
F [frac]1 3/4 inch
F [inch]1.75 inch
G [frac]1/2 inch
G [inch]0.5 inch
H [frac]14 15/32 inch
H [inch]14.47 inch
J [frac]1 3/4 inch
J [inch]1.751 inch
K [frac]1 31/32 inch
K [inch]1.97 inch
L [frac]1 1/32 inch
L [inch]1.03 inch
M [frac]2 inch
M [inch]2 inch
Manifold Body Size (I.D.) [inch]1.25 inch
Weight per UOM [lbs/UOM]17.12 lbs/uom

Technical Data

Cv Branch1.1
End Size 1 [inch|mm]1-1/4"
End Size 2 [inch|mm]3/4"
End Type 1ISO 228-G
End Type 2ISO 228-G
Flow Rate Max. [gpm]21 gpm
Operating Pressure 1 [PSI]145.0377 psi
Operating Pressure 2 [PSI]87.0226 psi
Operating Pressure 3 [PSI]43.5113 psi
Operating Temperature 1 [°F]68 °F
Operating Temperature 2 [°F]158 °F
Operating Temperature 3 [°F]194 °F
Material manifoldStainless steel AISI304
Material groupStainless Steel
Prop 65 label required?Yes
Submittal Subcomponent MaterialManifold Components: Brass CW614N-UNI EN12164, CW617N-UNI EN12165