Combi Port E

Fully electronic heat interface unit

Uponor Combi Port E

The new standard for heat interface units


Our industry is changing. Around the world, prefabricated building technologies are making new kinds of projects possible – and also creating new challenges. We are about to take plumbing and heating installations to a new level.

The Combi Port E is the first fully electronic heat interface unit, with intelligent control that automatically adapts to individual
requirements. A complete solution, the Combi Port E is designed to provide you with new levels of comfort, hygiene and energy efficiency.
But that’s just the beginning.The Combi Port E is a game-changer for all-in-one-systems in prefabricated building projects, with adaptive heating to maximise comfort, Eco Mode to minimise energy waste, and a unique Hygienic Design that prevents drinking water contamination.
That’s why we say the Combi Port E isn’t an upgrade. It’s the shape of a new standard.

Uponor Combi Port E will be available for sale from Autumn 2019 onwards.


Combi Port E - The Game-Changer.

Combi Port E

Individual Hot Water Comfort
Combi Port E understands when you need hot water and starts to prewarm the system before you open the tap, delivering hot water
in seconds.

Adaptive Heating
Combi Port E responds in real-time to current heating demands. Due to precise supply and return temperature control, it leads to significant energy savings and increases comfort, adapting the heating to warm or cold weather outside, or when people enter or leave the home.

Hygienic Design
A unique design keeps the heating and sanitary sections inside the Combi Port E separate. The cold water is not heated up by the heating side, so the risk of legionella contamination in drinking water is significantly reduced.

Eco Mode
Combi Port E is designed to save energy and money with the Eco Mode function. Thanks to a self-learning algorithm, the unit goes to sleeping mode when heating and hot water is not needed, shutting down the energy flow.


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