Cooling ceilings guarantee the ideal indoor temperature

If you have to spend a lot of time indoors in the hot summer months, you will welcome the comfort a ceiling cooling has to offer. Ceiling coolings operate silently to create a comfortable indoor climate and can also be set to the required temperature using the latest controllers from Uponor.
In winter, the same system can be used to heat your office or commercial premises, as the pipes in the water circuit are designed for both hot and cold water. One further advantage if you opt for a thermally activated building structure is that the components are practically maintenance-free. Also, by combining the underfloor heating system with a thermal pump, you can benefit from environmentally-friendly, low-cost energy.
High-quality cooling ceilings from Uponor, the system specialist
Uponor is a leading specialist in ceiling cooling and radiant heating systems. We have many years of experience in the temperature control field and have continuously developed our products with your requirements in mind. From composite pipes to fitting services, our comprehensive range offers everything you need for the professional installation of your new radiant temperature control system. As we always insist on the best quality, our products are easy to handle and have a long service life. If you decide on cooling ceiling or other Uponor products, as an expert service provider, we will be happy to advise you and to carry out the work for you.