Water, sewage, district heating and cooling, electricity, data and waste collection pipes are running through the tunnel.

Infratunnel, Linköping, Sweden

Infratunnel protects pipes and cables in new residential area

Weholite infratunnel in Linköping is almost 2 km in length and 2,200 mm in diameter. Water, sewage district heating and district cooling pipes, electricity and data cables are installed in the tunnel.
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An almost two-kilometre long infratunnel with an internal diameter of 2.2 metres will house all of the piping needed for the infrastructure of a new city district being added to the southern Swedish city of Linköping. Excavations in the streets and residential areas will soon be history, since all maintenance and installation work will be achievable within the infratunnel.

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New Build

2,2 km Weholite tunnels in diameter of 2 200 mm


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