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Renovation of cast iron water supply pipeline - swagelining

Renovation of cast iron water supply pipeline - swagelining

Thanks to swagelining technology, it was possible to carry out most of the water line modernisation works in the centre of the city of Łódź, in a built-up area, along traffic lanes with heavy traffic of motor vehicles and trams.

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Dąbrowa water supply in Łódź pumps water from Water Treatment Station at Lodowa Street to Stoki Reservoirs at Pomorska Street. The water is accumulated there and then delivered to 1/3 of the city. With the help of the Cohesion Fund from the European Commission, in mid 2008 the city started a project called Water lines and sewage treatment unit in Łódź II. The total value of the works carried out under this project was EUR 142 million. The project also included the contract “Dąbrowa Water Line – modernisation of Łódź Water Supply System – Part 02C Dąbrowa Water Line – Modernisation of treated water line” with a value of almost EUR 3.5 million.  The water line with a nominal diameter of 750 mm and approximately 5,440 m long, was modernised under this project.

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PE-Pipes for pressure pipe renovation

Pressure pipes PE WehoPipe PE100 DA800 SDR17 PN10 – approx. 600 m


Consortium of companies: Infra SA (consortium leader), PBG SA (consortium partner), Wiertmar sp. z o.o. (consortium partner) and Bud-Inż. sp. z o.o. (consortium partner)