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Drinking water delivery

New quality standard for composite pipes

Uni Pipe PLUS - a step ahead

Multilayer composite pipes manufactured by Uponor SACP technology consist of an extruded aluminium layer which has no welding seams at all. This composite pipe sets new standards with respect to performance and functionality. It supports your building projects with quick and efficient plumbing installation. No matter whether you use Uni Pipe PLUS for on-wall or in-wall mounting, for drinking water delivery or for radiator connection, we always have a suitable system solution for you.

Trust in the experience of Uponor of over 25 years with more than one billion meters of composite pipes produced.

Advantages of Uni Pipe PLUS

  • Up to 40 percent tighter bending radii compared to conventional multilayer composite pipes
  • 0 percent readjustment; pipe remains in shape
  • Up to 15 percent fewer fittings required on account of better flexibility
  • 100 percent backward compatible with Uponor composite pipes and press fittings

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S-Press fittings

S-Press composite fittings                                                                                                         

S-press composite fittings

Advantages at a glance: 

- Made of PPSU

- Lead-free

- Lightweight

Advantages of the MLCP tap water system

Why is the MLCP system ideal for tap water connection?

  • Lightweight, flexible and form stable
  • Available in 16mm up to 110mm
  • Fittings in PPSU and brass
  • Slim and appealing on wall installation
  • Fast, flame-free installation; at least 50% labour saving
  • 100% oxygen barrier and low expansion rates
  • No wastage and fewer fittings required
  • Full European approvals


Modular riser fittings

Modular Riser system

Effective way for the installation or risers

With the Uponor modular Riser System the installation is no longer a complex task.
The innovative Uponor modular Riser System reduces both your planning and construction work, because there are fewer building components to store, process and plan for. It is also quicker and easier to connect pipes.

Uponor modular Riser System MLCP fitting uses just 40 parts to achieve more than 300 fitting combinations, up to 110mm, and features a distinctive “click and lock” mechanism which removes the need for overhead pressing.

With the Uponor modular Riser System you will get new possibilities for everything from planning to installation.

Key features

RTM fittings

RTM tool free fittings

RTM joints are available in 16mm to 25mm diameters and are colour coded to show at-a-glance which size to select. This saves you time and avoids any chance of error. The end result is a safe, professional job you’ll be proud of. Every RTM connection is quick and easy to make. Simply insert our MLC pipe into the fitting until you hear the distinctive click. This indicates that a secure joint has been made. You also have visual proof of success thanks to the 360º window, so once fitted you can forget it.

With RTM Ring Tension Memory you can forget all about soldering and pipe wrenches. The high carbon steel spring ring acts as the tool itself, applying even pressure around the pipe. Through its inherent memory it then cleverly maintains this pressure, absorbing temperature fluctuations to ensure a sound watertight joint at all times.

The revolutionary RTM™ fitting. No leaks. No tools. No equal.

RTM system for tap water connection