Remote control for underfloor heating and cooling systems

Uponor Smatrix App

Remote control for underfloor heating and cooling systems

Temperature control at your fingertips - wherever you are, wherever you go

For home owners and installers, maintaining the ideal indoor climate can be a challenge if the underfloor heating/cooling system can only be accessed in the building where it is installed. It requires someone to be present when optimising room temperature, adjusting the system to maximise energy savings, and responding that the system is working in a correct manner.

In answer to this challenge Uponor has developed the Uponor Smatrix remote control unit to manage indoor climate in a building, irrespective of where you are: at home, at work, away on business, on the go or on holiday.

For your information: U@home, U at home, uathome has been renamed to Uponor Smatrix App. Functionality has not been changed.

Uponor Smatrix App for maximum flexibility and comfort

The Uponor Smatrix App extends the flexibility and comfort of an Uponor underfloor heating/cooling (UFH/C) system by adding remote access to its range of possibilities.

Local access: When in the building the underfloor heating and cooling system provides direct access. There is no need for an Internet connection. However, for maximum ease, the system can be accessed via the app “Uponor Smatrix App”.

Remote access: When away, the system can be accessed via the Uponor Smatrix App or website on a smartphone, tablet or PC.

Uponor Smatrix App in a nutshell

  • Easy to use
  • Simple to install
  • Optimum comfort and safety
  • Maximum energy efficiency


Uponor Smatrix App - downloads

Download the app for your mobile device:

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