Underfloor heating and cooling


Comfortable and healthy room climate

Build on Uponor underfloor heating systems

Free room design with underfloor heating systems

For heating or cooling with underfloor heating – floor-integrated systems distribute heat evenly and ensure a comfortable temperature at all times, with no dust clouds. You benefit from optimal use of energy sources. You can achieve further efficiency gains by using renewable energy sources and a heat pump. Architects and building owners value these ‘invisible’ solutions (also in the form of wall or ceiling heating). They allow the freedom to design creative and spacious interiors. energy-efficient systems from Uponor are suitable for new builds as well as renovation projects.

Pleasant in summer and winter

Radiant heating/cooling with warm water in the winter and cooling in the summer ensure a comfortable temperature in all buildings at any time of the year. The even temperature distribution (compared with a radiator) means that underfloor heating and cooling saves energy, which is also good news for your wallet.

This is how you benefit from Uponor solutions


Your benefits

Installing underfloor heating and cooling systems from Uponor is always the wise choice. You benefit from maximum efficiency in your construction and satisfied customers thanks to pleasant heat distribution and lower heating costs. The extensive range of Uponor complete solutions covers all requirements – whether you are fitting out a new building and installing underfloor heating in the screed or whether the installation is part of a renovation project. Uponor will be happy to help you choose the right product.


  • Proven quality and reliability
  • Customised complete systems for each application (e.g. Uponor Smart underfloor heating system)
  • The perfect solution for every building type
  • Quick and easy installation, even in old buildings
  • Easy to retrofit thanks to low structure height of underfloor heating
Building owners

Healthy room temperature with underfloor heating

  • Ideal underfloor heating systems for new and old buildings
  • Running costs reduced by up to 12% with cosy warmth
  • Give your home an individual look with any floor covering
  • Pleasant temperatures in summer and winter
  • Improved climate with no dry heating air or humidity
  • More comfort with no radiator maintenance
  • Adding value to property

Benefits of our underfloor heating

With Uponor you get everything from a single supplier. We offer our customers high-performance complete solutions for underfloor heating and cooling. Our systems include the distribution and control technology required for a wide range of building types as well as all accessories and tools. Our individual services are also available worldwide. If you have any questions, we will be happy to advise you.


  • Complete solutions from a single supplier
  • Customised systems for new builds and refurbishment projects
  • Extensive range of services
  • Quick and easy installation

Benefits of underfloor heating

The invisible heat distribution and radiant cooling give you complete freedom when designing interiors. Integrated underfloor heating and cooling systems from Uponor mean there are no limits in terms of architecture. This means that you can, for example, position windows based on aesthetic appeal and choose the floor covering that looks most attractive. Uponor will be happy to provide you with comprehensive planning documentation. Additional options for radiant heating, such as wall or ceiling heating, give you maximum design freedom.


  • More freedom for your spatial planning
  • Environmentally friendly heating and low heating costs
  • Customised systems for new builds and refurbishment projects
  • Complete solutions from a single supplier
  • The right underfloor heat distribution for every application
  • Fast, cost-effective installation

Your benefits

Reliable and efficient underfloor systems from Uponor for heating and cooling guarantee the sustainable and trouble-free operation of your building – with low maintenance and energy costs. As the supply temperatures of an underfloor heat distribution are closer to the required room temperature compared with radiators, the energy requirement can be reduced by up to 12%. Uponor systems are ideally suited for the use of renewable energies.


  • Running costs reduced by up to 12%
  • Adding value to property
  • Customised systems for new builds and refurbishment projects
  • Complete solutions from a single supplier
  • Optimum use of energy sources (e.g. also district heating)