Underfloor heating and cooling

Nubos wet installation system

The all-round system for just about any task

The Nubos wet installation system is the ideal all-round system for just about any task – from private homes to public and industrial buildings. Perfectly coordinated system components are combined to create customised solutions for all common screed types, areas of application and room layouts. The three different panel types for different design variants can be laid quickly with virtually no cut-offs. The wet installation system also includes additional sets for laying near distribution units and door openings.

The studded sheeting elements ensure that they are laid quickly and in compliance with standards. The system pipes are fixed into place by the system studded sheeting elements and optimally surrounded by screed – quality characteristics that ensure complete transfer of the calculated heat output, sensitive control behaviour and economical, energy-saving operation.



  • Only a small number of optimally coordinated components
  • Composite pipe MLCP RED or PE-Xa RED (14/16)
  • Tried-and-tested quality