Underfloor heating and cooling

Smart underfloor heating

The perfect choice for standard installations

The installation of underfloor heating has become a standard and therefore installers prefer an easy and efficient way of installation. With the Uponor Smart underfloor heating system we offer a complete system in an affordable quality. The system is suitable for all types of screeds. The basis is the smart UFH-pipe made of polyethylene with an oxygen diffusion layer for heating applications. The pipe fixing will be done with a tacker panel and clips. Alternatively we offer pipe fixation with clamp tracks or cable ties for steel mesh to efficiently fix the Smart UFH pipe. All components are designed to ensure highest safety and reliable operation.

Advantages Uponor Smart

  • Certified PE-RT pipe 14-20 mm
  • Universal tacker pipe clip for pipe diameters 14-20 mm
  • Suitable for all types of screeds
  • Flexible tacker panels or rolls with different thermal and impact noise insulation layers
  • Extremely efficient system with few components
  • Fast and easy to install
  • Reliable Uponor quality

Build on Uponor with Smart underfloor heating


Smart underfloor heating sales folder

System for standard installation situations

  • How to install effiiciently
  • Components described in detail
  • Reliable Uponor quality


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