Ceiling heating and cooling

Compactline cooling panel

Free-hanging cooling panels for new-builds and refurbishment projects

Passive Compactline cooling panels are used for the convective removal of high heat loads from commercial buildings. Their modular design and the variable sizes they come in make the cooling panels suited to new buildings as well as refurbishment projects. Cooling panels are operated with cooled water in closed circuits and are therefore more energy-efficient than conventional airborne air-conditioning systems. Passive cooling panels work according to the principle of free convection and therefore do not need any moving parts, which avoids circulation noise. Depending on the design, the components can be visibly installed under floor coverings or in suspended ceilings with corresponding air outlets.


  • High cooling capacity
  • Low investment and operating costs
  • Cosy indoor climate
  • No dust clouds
  • No noise generation
  • Low maintenance