Fluvia pump supply groups

Pre-assembled Fluvia pump supply groups

Uponor Fluvia Pump Groups are complete preassembled and full proved units to be used as part of the supply system which supports underfloor heating installations in residential and commercial buildings. Fluvia Move Pump Groups include all components necessary for connection in to the pipe network.


Fluvia pump group specifications

Uponor Fluvia T

Application area:

  • For control of underfloor heating systems in small zones
  • Max. 90° primary
  • Max. pressure: 6 bar at 60°C



  • Integrated pump: Q: 0,1 - 0,4 m³/h, H: 0,2 - 1,1 m, Phyd< 1W
  • Bracket for left- or right installation
  • Air bleed screw
  • Secondary circuit temp. range 20-50°C
  • Balancing valve
  • Secondary loop 3/4" eurocone
  • Primary valves with clamp connection for CU-Pipe 15mm


Uponor Fluvia Move /Move PLUS

Application area:

  • For weather compensated supply water temperature control
  • Max. temperature 90°C primary
  • Max. secondary pressure: 6 bar at 60°C



  • Pump group pre-mounted with supply temperature controller Uponor Smatrix Move
  • Outdoor temperature sensor (for installation on building site)
  • Water temperature sensor for supply temperature
  • 3-way-mixing valve
  • Motor drive
  • Proportional pressure control
  • Upgrade to heating/cooling possible with Uponor Smatrix Thermostat T-168 and Uponor Smatrix Antenna


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Select Uponor Fluvia T and get details in the product catalogue

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