Magna industrijski razdjelnik

Supply and distribution

Magna industrial manifold

The perfect solution for industrial applications

The Magna industrial distribution unit from Uponor is easy and practical to install because the modular design means that the right distribution solution can be constructed from separate distribution blocks for a wide range of requirements and building types.

The Uponor Magna industrial distribution unit is specially designed for use in industrial facilities. Depending on the situation on the site, the Uponor Magna distribution unit is fixed to an existing wall prior to cementing, or, if there are no walls (yet) it can be mounted on an auxiliary structure provided on site. Uponor PE-Xa heating pipes are laid from the heating level under the distribution unit in the Uponor connector sheet and connected. The distribution unit feed lines can be connected from the left on one side and from the right on the other, or can be connected to the distribution unit alternately.

Magna distribution unit in a nutshell

  • Ideal for industrial applications
  • Modular system with three components
  • Distribution units of 2 - 20 heating circuits
  • Includes a thermometer and manometer
  • Fully installed locking ring connector as an option
  • 25 x 2.3 mm or G 3/4" eurokonus