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Feeling comfortable and relaxed in loft apartments,

Feeling comfortable and relaxed in loft apartments

The old factory building gets a new life as loft apartment building. Skanska Oy renovated the building into 23 different size and type of apartments.

Helsinki, Finland
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Large windows, space and luxurious room heights are features for loft
apartments. But they also means careful planning for heating system. In
year 2008 were introduced a modern building with several loft
apartments. All of the apartments has Uponor underfloor heating system.

In the near centre of Helsinki city were built in 1936 Suomen
Puhallintehdas Oy. The building was used until 1970 after that it has
been empty and without any use. In 2008 Skanska Oy decided to change the
building from manufactory to apartment building with 23 spacious loft

Family Oras bought a two story high apartment from the base floor.
The family has now lived in their new home over the winter. Due to
underfloor heating the family hasn’t had to feel cold at any time though
it has been quite low temperature occasionally.

- When we moved in it was necessary to keep the doors wide open
therefore the loft apartment was cold as it can be. We adjusted the
thermostat full heat situation leading after a while too hot, Patrick,
the father, remembers. The right temperature was found rapidly and the
thermostats were left alone. The general temperature is + 21 ° C which
is optimal in environmental way but also for the children playing at the

Family Oras is happy with their choices in their home. The
underfloor heating has increased the comfort of their home but also
enhanced the noise features. There is no need for pipe lead in walls
etc. The interior decoration did not have to take into account any
radiators allowing wall size windows.

Feeling comfortable and relaxed in loft apartments

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