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Radiant heating and cooling in hotels

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"Radiant heating and cooling in hotels"
Increasing profitability and guest satisfaction with the right solutions

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KAD?         22.02.2022.
CIKOS?     11.00 - 12.30
KUR?         MS Teams platformā
VALODA    Angļu

Apskatāmās tēmas:
> Uponor solutions for Hotels 
> Global cost study (LCC) radiant vs. traditional FCU
> Guest’s comfort benefits
> Owner’s benefits overview
> Radiant case studies 
> Uponor water Hygiene logic in hotels
> Plumbing case studies
> Discussion, Q&A

Jan Babiak is a Project Manager of International Engineering, in the Uponor Building Solutions – Europe responsible for competence development and technical assistance for international project business with indoor and outdoor climate systems and renewable energy sources. He is a REHVA Fellow, and gained the REHVA’s Young Scientist Award 2008. Jan was also a member of World-GBC task group Offices, part of the Better Places for People campaign. He holds a doctor degree in Civil Engineering from the STU Bratislava and conducted his further studies at the FH Burgenland Austria and research works at the DTU Denmark. Jan gained experience in R&D, Standardisation, HVAC industry and infrastructure, particularly in a scope of energy sources, indoor climate engineering, human thermal comfort, indoor air quality and LCCA of building components.