Uponor launches Ecoflex Thermo PRO

Flexible solution to lower operational costs of local heat distribution systems


Uponor Ecoflex Thermo PRO   

Uponor launches Ecoflex Thermo PRO in selected European markets.

In addition to high flexibility, Uponor Ecoflex Thermo PRO lowers operational costs of heat distribution networks.
Ecoflex Thermo PRO stems from Uponor’s strategy to offer sustainable solutions in order to address global megatrends. As in all construction projects, the needs of different stakeholders vary. A smart selection of pre-insulated flexible pipes can have a crucial role in achieving optimal results. This is where Uponor’s extensive experience in local heat distribution comes into play.

Decades of experience

During the past three decades, the success of Ecoflex Varia, Thermo and Quattro ranges have proven that ease of installation is a key criterion when choosing pre-insulated flexible pipes.
Higher performance with regard to energy efficiency, however, is a growing trend. Ecoflex Thermo PRO offers an alternative to decrease the operational costs of heat distribution from a building to another.

In Ecoflex Thermo PRO, we have introduced a high level of energy efficiency without compromising the easy handling of the product. This has been possible by combining the best features of Ecoflex Thermo together with insulation material that helps drive down heat loss in the system even further,” says Norbert Gosekuhl, Product Manager, Building Solutions – Europe, Uponor.

Compatibility counts

Ecoflex Thermo PRO is a complete range from Single (40-110mm) to Twin (25-63mm) pipes. The new range is compatible with the existing Uponor Ecoflex system, pipes, fittings and accessories, to build a comprehensive system that takes into consideration the needs of all stakeholders in a construction project.

The full Ecoflex range offers an opportunity to design heat distribution network in the most optimal way. The Thermo PRO range can reduce operational costs in the main pipelines, while more challenging parts of the project can be undertaken with the most flexible Thermo range.

“This way, Ecoflex Thermo and Thermo PRO are the best choice for design engineers to address any needs in planning, construction and operational phases of a building site. Together with the Uponor fitting systems, Ecoflex Thermo PRO is here to create the lowest life cycle costs for a building owner,” explains Janne Rantalainen, Application Manager, Building Solutions – Europe, Uponor.

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