Uponor Water Monitoring Service is a service concept which monitors municipalities potable water distribution network.

Services for municipal and single family home water network monitoring

Uponor Water Monitoring Services

Uponor offers services for both municipal potable water network monitoring as well as single family home water consumption and leakage detection. With Uponor’s solutions you can monitor your water consumption and water flow while getting real time information if something is happening in the network.


Water monitoring service for single family homes

phyn plus water leakage

Uponors’ smart water assistant to tackle European water wastage and protect homes.

The World Health Organisation predicts that by 2025 half of the world’s population will be living in water-stressed areas. It is estimated that 20-40 percent of Europe’s available water is being wasted due to leakages, unnecessary irrigation, dripping taps, and a lack of water saving technologies (source: European Commission). Uponor aims to help tackle this catastrophic water wastage with the introduction of Phyn Plus into Europe following a successful rollout in North America. The technology behind Phyn Plus is the result of nearly a decade of research and development. Phyn is a joint venture between smart home technology leader Belkin International and Uponor.

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Safeguarding municipal drinking water with Uponor Water Monitoring Services

The importance of accessible water for all of us is rising. Accessible clean water resources are under increasing stress from various causes like ubanisation, growing world population and climate change.

The water sector needs to provide safe and accessible water also in the future

  • Water efficiency and ensuring capacity will rise in importance
  • Investments and operational resources will have to be even more efficiently deployed
  • Water resources, utilisation and distribution will become more regulated, not less
  • New water quality and volume monitoring technologies will be used

In Uponor, we believe that access to clean, safe and affordable water is a basic human right. We offer services to help water utilites securing their water supply. Continuous, real time monitoring with early warning allows network owners to take action immediately upon detecting anomalies.

Municipal water monitoring services we offer

 Quality Monitoring Service

Laboratory tests are the established way to monitor water quality, but it can not provide a real-time information. A way of detecting intrusion of foreign particles in real time, adequately covering the water distribution network, is needed.
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Leakage detection and flow monitoring

Uponor’s flow monitoring leak detection helps distribution network owners reduce losses and gain increased knowledge of flow levels and directions. The system is specifically designed to detect leaks.
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Patented water quality monitoring technology

Meet our smart water technology inventor Esa in the intelligent water lab where you can get an insight into a whole new water quality monitoring technology!

Esa Hämäläinen is leading the development of Uponor's water quality monitoring technologies. He and his team test and develop technology and sensors analysing particles in drinking water.

Services for monitoring water quality and flow

Uponor Infra Water Monitoring Services wins Best New Product 2019

Water Monitoring Services was honoured with the prestigious Best New Product award, selected by the jury at the biggest Finnish water event – Yhdyskuntatekniikka 2019 / Infratech 2019 Exhibition 2019.

Water Monitoring Services was recognised for its potential and capability to deploy water flow and quality monitoring widely in water distribution networks, not only in Finland but also with an international market in sight.

Picture: Kim Bärlund, Offering Manager and Jussi Niemelä, Sales Manager received the price at YT 2019.

Uponor Infra Water Monitoring Services wins Best New Product 2019

Welcome to Upocity – where real time water monitoring brings leakages and water quality incidents under control

Upocity, a municipality of 60,000 inhabitants, used to have significant challenges with non-revenue water. Non-revenue water accounted for 27% of the total water production per annum. 18% of the total water production was lost due to leakages that cost Upocity 648,000€ every year. Every month there were several sudden pipe bursts, resulting in significant unplanned maintenance and repair costs - not to mention the disruption in water supply.

However, managing non-revenue water, and especially leakages, was not the only challenge for Upocity. The water engineers were uncertain about the quality of their water. Laboratory tests were conducted, but deemed time-consuming and expensive without providing real-time understanding of water quality. Over 50% of water quality incidents in Upocity were a result of water distribution related incidents. Being able to ensure the safety of end-users was a priority to Upocity water engineers, but they felt the current approach could be improved.

Thanks to Uponor real-time Water Monitoring Services, today Upocity is able to manage a distribution network, in which leaks and water quality is under control. If you want to find out how, subscribe here to read part 2 of the Upocity story.

This is a three-part series about Upocity (an existing city, that has been given a pseudonym for the purposes of this article) and the challenges they are facing. Subscribe to receive the other parts by email, along with the possible solution and results they could achieve.

Upocity water consumption example