Uponor offers real time monitoring solutions for leakage detection.

Where water flows, so does information

Uponor flow monitoring and leakage detection

Uponor flow monitoring & leakage detection services

Municipal water networks are aging. Condition of the network is not often clear to the utilities. Water leaks and even pipe bursts are not unusual. Leaking water costs hundreds of thousands to cities around the world. Uponor has developed a solution: Uponor flow monitoring & leakage detection services. Uponor flow monitoring & leakage detection services enable network owners to reduce water losses and increase knowledge about flow levels and flow direction. The system is specifically developed to detect water leaks.

How it works?

The detection is based on measuring flows. The network will be segmented in to smaller areas and each area is monitored by a defined number of monitoring points. Deviations and trends will be visible in a web application. Critical deviations as pipe bursts will generate alarms which are sent to network manager.

Measuring flows will give you an opportunity to

  • Create awareness about water leaks
  • Reduce time and cost for leakage positioning
  • Understand the magnitude of leakages
  • Repair in time to prevent pipe bursts

The impact of leaking water in Upocity

Upocity water consumption example

18 % water leakage of produced water results in:

  • 22 % over production of water
  • 22 % over use of energy
  • 22 % over use of chemicals


  • Risk of water scarcity in areas with limited water capacity
  • Higher risk for unplanned maintenance in case of pipe burst resulting in higher maintenance costs
  • Higher assumed load in municipal treatment plants via leakage to sewer & storm pipelines
  • Risks of property and infrastructure damages due to erosion and flooding
  • Higher probability for contaminated water due to pressure drops, causing health risks
  • Dissatisfied citizens due to unplanned maintenance of the water deliveries

Complete service tailored to your needs

The Uponor Infra Water Monitoring Services is comprehensive with network monitoring design, installation, setup and operational services included. We will work together with you to create a solution and a plan how to digitize your distribution network based on the specific needs and requirements of your business.

After the Network Monitoring Design is finalized and agreed upon, we will install and set-up the system on your site to ensure proper functionality from the start. With the combined knowledge from our specialists and your in-house expertise we will define the alert triggers. You will know instantly when anomalities take place in your network.

Training and support provided in every step

Our experts will train your staff in using the Water Monitoring System (UI) so that you can easily navigate through the measured data. During the service subscription we provide real-time monitoring of your distribution network, SMS / email alerts in case of an incident, monthly water network and water quality analytics reports, system maintenance and repair including hardware and software updates.
  • Cloud-based 24/7 monitoring
  • SMS / Email alerts
  • Monthly water network and water quality analytics reports
  • Customer support
  • System maintenance and repair including hardware and software updates
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