Uponor flow monitoring and leakage dectection services

Uponor Water Monitoring Services

Flow Monitoring and Leakage detection Service

Save the water or reduce the leakage?

Municipal water networks are aging. The condition of the networks cause water leaks and even pipe bursts. Leaking water costs hundreds of thousands to socities around the world. Modern material choices and standardisation mean that new pipelines will probably last for more than 100 years. However, there is so much more to a distribution network than the pipes. Joints, valves, and other installations all pose a potential risk of leakage. Uponor has the solution.
Uponor’s service for flow monitoring and leak detection help distribution network owners to reduce water losses and gain increased knowledge of flow levels and flow directions. The system is specifically designed to detect leaks.

Measuring flows will give an opportunity to

  • Create awareness about water leaks
  • Reduce time and cost for leakage positioning
  • Understand the magnitude of leakages
  • Repair in time to prevent pipe bursts

 Principle for flow monitoring

 Principle for flow monitoring
The water network is divided into smaller zones – DMA’s*. Each DMA is monitored with flow sensors. The number of measurement zones and their size depends on what level of detail is sought. The incoming and outgoing water from the zones are measured, and the consumption of each zone can be calculated. *District Metering Areas

Installation to pressurized pipeline

Installation of Uponor flow monitoring device to pressurized pipeline

The flow sensor can measure flow at low velocities, already from 0,025m/s. The sensors measure flow in both directions and can be installed in plastic or metal pipes. The battery run data logger used for wireless data transmission can be used for a variety of applications.

  • Custom equipment for each pipe type and dimension
  • Bidirectional flow measurement
  • Installation under pressure without service break
  • Optional integrated pressure and temp sensor

Leakage detection examples

Leakage detection examples | Uponor
Anomalies and trends are displayed in the web application/UI . Critical deviations such as pipe burst will activate alarms that are sent to the network owner/operator.

Flow measurement reveals leaks in the water supply network

Flow measurement reveals leaks in the water supply network in Pori | Uponor
Pori, a coastal city in southern Finland, started monitoring an area on the periphery of its water supply network where leaks had caused problems over the years. The suitable solution was found from Uponor Infra's Water Monitoring Services.
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The impact of leaking water in Upocity

Upocity water consumption example

18 % water leakage of produced water results in:

  • 22 % over production of water
  • 22 % over use of energy
  • 22 % over use of chemicals


  • Risk of water scarcity in areas with limited water capacity
  • Higher risk for unplanned maintenance in case of pipe burst resulting in higher maintenance costs
  • Higher assumed load in municipal treatment plants via leakage to sewer & storm pipelines
  • Risks of property and infrastructure damages due to erosion and flooding
  • Higher probability for contaminated water due to pressure drops, causing health risks
  • Dissatisfied citizens due to unplanned maintenance of the water deliveries