Uponor's real time water quality monitoring service helps identify contamination in an early state.

If you can detect it, you can control it!

Uponor water quality monitoring

Uponor water quality monitoring service

In countries, where tap water is drinkable it is important to monitor the quality of the water. Good quality drinking water is crucial to the wellbeing of people. If drinking water gets contaminated, consequences can be catastrophic. If an incident happens, it is very important to detect both the incident and location fast in order to be able to react quickly. If relying on laboratory tests, the testing process can take days.

Uponor's real time monitoring service enables network owners to understand water quality variations, get insights into correlations between events and water quality, detect anomalities as they happen and access historical records for event investigations. With this knowledge the network owner can react faster to unplanned events and limit health risks.

How it works?

The system processes digital microscopic images captured from a sample stream from the pipeline to be monitored, detecting, counting and classifying micrometre sized objects based on their morphological parameters. The micro-objects can be of inorganic, organic or biological origin such as clay particles, bacteria, algae, protozoa etc. Additionally the system measures water temperature and electrical conductivity. The quality monitoring system registers:

  • Number of micro-objects in different size fractions
  • Number of micro-objects in different shape classes
  • Water temperature
  • Water electrical conductivity

The system will learn the normal water characteristics of your network and will send an early warning alert in case of an anomaly. The system is very sensitive for particles related to microbial activity or excess sediment or solids in the water. These can occur e.g. through bacterial contamination or by influx of untreated water into the network. The data is presented to users via a dashboard where the separate parameters are visualized along their location. Data can be scrolled through and the time horizon can be chosen from 24h, weekly, monthly or custom time series.

Uponor's real time water quality monitoring service enables network owners to understand water quality variations.

By measuring the quality of the water you can

  • Get early warnings for water quality anomalities as they happen
  • Limit health risks
  • Speed up reaction time for unplanned events
  • Get insights into correlations between network events and water quality
  • Accumulate knowledge for maintenance and repair of the network
  • Optimize laboratory tests that are carried out on top of regulatory required laboratory tests
  • Access historical records for event investigation

Complete service tailored to your needs

The Uponor Infra Water Monitoring Services is comprehensive with network monitoring design, installation, setup and operational services included. We will work together with you to create a solution and a plan how to digitize your distribution network based on the specific needs and requirements of your business.

After the Network Monitoring Design is finalized and agreed upon, we will install and set-up the system on your site to ensure proper functionality from the start. With the combined knowledge from our specialists and your in-house expertise we will define the alert triggers. You will know instantly when anomalities take place in your network.

Training and support provided in every step

Our experts will train your staff in using the Water Monitoring System (UI) so that you can easily navigate through the measured data. During the service subscription we provide real-time monitoring of your distribution network, SMS / email alerts in case of an incident, monthly water network and water quality analytics reports, system maintenance and repair including hardware and software updates.
  • Cloud-based 24/7 monitoring
  • SMS / Email alerts
  • Monthly water network and water quality analytics reports
  • Customer support
  • System maintenance and repair including hardware and software updates
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