Uponor's real time water quality monitoring service helps identify contamination in an early state.

Uponor Water Monitoring Services

Safeguarding drinking water quality

Safeguarding drinking water quality

Established routines of securing water quality has not been enough to detect and localize events in time to avoid water-borne epidemics. Learnings from water incidents in the Nordics indicate that these incidents were caused by foreign material intruding the water distribution network. That contaminated the drinking water.

A way of detecting intrusion of foreign particles in real time, that adequately covers the water distribution network, is needed. Long-term analytics of water quality in the network will also enable operational improvements and efficiency.

Uponor water quality monitoring system:

  • Online early warning of events-in-the-making
  • Fast localisation of events with distributed sensors in the water network
  • Improving operations with analytics on water quality variations over time
  • Cost efficient and low maintenance monitoring of water distribution network
Continuous water quality monitoring vs grab sampling | Uponor

Continuous monitoring vs grab sampling

Manually taken water samples with laboratory testing is the established way of monitoring water quality. This method cannot provide real-time information on water quality and usually has poor distribution network coverage.

Uponor’s Water Quality Monitoring Station analyses the water every 3 minutes. That’s in total 175 200 analyses in a year in each measurement point.
That means it takes 6800 samples in the blind period between a manual grab sample that is done in a measurement point every other week.

Fast localisation with intelligent sensors

Sensors distributed in the water network, create a continuous, real-time, overview of the network’s water quality. | Uponor

Sensors distributed in the water network, create a continuous, real-time, overview of the network’s water quality. The system generates automatic alarms if there are changes in water quality. 

The user interface gives an overview of the source and spread of an event without putting load on the daily operations.

Water Quality Monitoring Station

Water Quality Monitoring Station | Uponor

Water Quality Monitoring Station uses digital holographic microscopy imaging technology to count and classify microscopic objects in a sample flow. The micro-objects can be of inorganic, organic or biological origin such as clay particles, bacteria, algae, protozoa etc.

The analytics provides details about the physical water quality:

  • Particle count
  • Particle size and shape
  • Particle analytics
  • Water temperature
  • Electrical conductivity
  • Turbidity equivalent

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